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What are your hours?
ECL is open Monday through Friday, 9am - 5pm. Samples may be left in the cooler located outside our building during off hours, as long as you call and leave a message as to what and when you dropped off. Call 203-245-0568 ext 0.

When will I get my results back?
ECL has a standard 5 business day turn around time. Rush samples can be performed for an additional fee.

Do you offer sample pickup and or collection services?
Yes, ECL offers a full range of pick-up, collection and monitoring services.

Where are you located?
ECL is located at 1005 Boston Post Rd. Madison, CT 06443.

Total Coliform Bacteria – Annual Testing
One of the most common well problems and effects potability.

Physical/Chemical Analyses – 3-5 Years or on water quality change
Testing looks for common minerals as well as pH, physicals, fluoride, chloride, sulfate, sodium, nitrate, nitrite and hardness. Elevated levels in this group can have adverse taste, odor and health effects.

VOC’s (Volatile organic compounds) – Local Health Department Recommendation
Testing requirement based on proximity of well to know source of pollution, i.e. urban area, gas station, landfills, etc.

Pesticide/Herbicides – Local Health Department Recommendation
Testing Based on elevated levels of Nitrate and Nitrite in the Physical Chemical group or known sources of pollution.

Uranium – Local Health Department Recommendation
See Connecticut DPH fact sheet.

Radium – Test if Uranium is below 30 ug/L

Radon – EPA recommends every well be tested

Note: These testing recommendations are a compilation from several sources including the EPA, State and Local Health Departments.

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